“Best Practices” help maintain the current state.  It’s the “Next Practices” that create competitive advantage. 

A little about us: 25+ years of diverse experience in HR administration, including:
  • Over ten years of direct observation, participation, and learning  from senior leaders and organizational structures of several  Fortune 1000 companies, including two multinational companies;
  • Three years of external consulting experience, including close collaboration with senior leaders at several small and medium sized nonprofit organizations.
  • Over ten years of progressive leadership experience as an HR administrator in the nonprofit, corporate, and public and higher education sectors, including project leadership and mid-level HR administration roles.

With such diversity of experience, we can leverage collective insights to understand your needs and develop customized solutions that enable your organization to stay competitive.




Certified by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)

Remote and Onsite Support

NMSDC MBE Certification (pending)



  • Volume-driven, repetitive activities that support or define key processes
  • Typically delegated to administrative staff


  • Activities directly related to supporting one or more organizational priorities.
  • Typically require planning, coordination, and engagement with one or more other functional areas. 


  • High-level planning activities that dictate the direction of the organization and inform decisions at the organizational level
  • Typically involve senior-level managers who are accountable for coordinating the efforts of one or more functional areas.